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Walk vinterstövlar - Brun
Walk vinterstövlar - Brun
Walk vinterstövlar - Brun
Walk vinterstövlar - Brun
Walk vinterstövlar - Brun
Walk vinterstövlar - Brun


Bundgaard Walk vinterstövlar - Brun

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Bundgaard Walk vinterstövlar.

Walk Winter TEX is a super choice for very active children. The sole goes up over the snout, and protects against both impact, shock and wear from e.g. running bike. It is a fine high-quality winter boot model that is lined with 100% lambswool, has a water-repellent TEX membrane and will keep the little feet warm and dry throughout the winter. The boot has a TPR sole with a rough surface and a rough profile, which provides the basis for safe play with a good foothold. The advantage of this material is that it does not change when the temperature changes, and therefore provides a good grip, even if it has become cold and slippery. Walk Winter TEX is also part of the "Bundgaard Zero Heel" collection. Recommended growth allowance: 12-15 mm. Fit: Wide. Fixed heel cap provides support and a good hold on the foot. Extra padding in the upper edge makes it soft and comfortable to wear. Extra protection in the toe cap. Removable insoles do it easy to check if the size is correct - both when buying and continuously during use. NOTE: small children bend their toes, and can not feel when the shoe is too small. Possible to air and dry the soles. Easy and quick to clean the of the boot. The sole is flexible and nice and soft. Velcro closure makes it easy to get in and customize. PRODUCT INFO. Material: Leather / suede. Lining: 100% wool. Sole: TPR - Rubber (Bundgaard Zero Heel). Insole: Removable thermo-wool soles. Closure: Velcro (easy adjustment). TEX membrane (breathable and strongly water-repellent). It is a good idea to always impregnate shoes before use, to avoid dirt, grease and liquid penetrating into the leather. We recommend that the impregnating agent is chosen carefully. Start by wiping the boot with a hard-wrung damp cloth and let the shoe dry. Then use shoe polish or leather grease on the leather (not suede). Once completely dried, the boot can be impregnated to advantage. Please note that impregnation spray for boots with TEX membrane must not contain silicone! Please repeat the treatment at regular intervals. It is important that boots with a TEX membrane dry naturally. Ie. that the soles are taken out of the boot to dry (put newspaper in the boot if necessary to speed up the process). The boots must not be placed directly on a heat source (heating cabinet or heater), as this will damage the properties of the membrane. NB: Avoid using shoe polish and leather grease on suede and glitter materials. BUNDGAARD ​​ZERO HEEL. Bundgaard Zero Heel is characterized by thin and flexible soles that increase freedom of movement and gives a good feeling of the surface. The soles are flat without heel drop, ie. there is the same height both front and rear. The idea behind the Bundgaard Zero Heel collection is that the shoes are minimalist and must only protect the foot against the surface.

Model: BG303222DG Walk Winter Tex

  • Egenskaper skor: Stövlar
  • Shaft lengh: Stövel med kort skaft
  • Lining / padding: Ullfoder
  • Upper material: Läder
  • Boots opening: Dubbla kardborreband i velcro
  • Pattern type: Ovansidan är en färg
  • Toe shape: Rundad tå
  • Boots type: Boots
Varunr. 371778_34
  • upper: 100% läder
  • Linning: 100% lambs wool
  • Sula: 100% gummi
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